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Hand sanitizer and alcohol disinfectant are now more popular disinfection products, can play a role in disinfection and sterilization.What’s the difference between a sanitizer and an alcohol disinfectant?
Hand sanitizer and alcohol disinfectant are different in composition, form and function.Generally, the alcohol concentration of the hand sanitizer is about 75%, while the alcohol concentration of the alcohol disinfectant sold in the market is between 75% and 95%.
The difference between hand sanitizer and alcohol disinfectant
Composition difference:
There are two kinds of hand sanitizer including alcohol and non-alcohol, and the components are different, but generally contain isopropyl alcohol, chlorhexidine, dipropylene glycol, glycerin and other components.The main component of alcohol disinfectants is ethanol, but the concentration is slightly different.The common alcohol disinfectant on the market has 75%, 95% and other different concentrations.
Morphological differences:
Hand sanitizer are usually equipped with a gel matrix, so most of them are translucent gel-like;An alcohol disinfectant is a liquid that evaporates faster than a sanitizer.
Functional differences:
Although the hand sanitizer has a cleaning and disinfection effect, its gel matrix will affect the disinfection effect of components such as ethanol, so the disinfection effect of the hand sanitizer is not so good as that of the alcohol sanitizer.For alcohol disinfectant, more than 75% of alcohol can have a better disinfection and sterilization effect, not only can be used for hand cleaning and disinfection, but also can be used for wound disinfection.
In terms of effectiveness, alcohol is better.The main component of alcohol is ethanol, hand sanitizer contains a variety of chemical components, so the sterilization effect of alcohol is better than hand sanitizer.
On the convenience side, hand sanitizers are better.Alcohol has a certain irritating effect on human skin and is volatile.If you use alcohol to disinfect your hands, it can easily evaporate water from your skin, drying it out.Hand sanitizer contains humectants such as dipropylene glycol and glycerin to keep the skin moist.
Most hand sanitizers on the market are a mixture of alcohol and moisturizers.Alcohol plays a role of cleaning and disinfection, and humectant plays a role of moisturizing and moisturizing, and the effect is better after use.Wash your hands before use, then rub the disinfectant over your hands until it is absorbed into your skin.
These should be noted when using alcohol disinfectants.When using alcohol for disinfection, it is necessary to pay attention to indoor ventilation, and used towels and other cloth tools need to be washed with plenty of water, and then stored sealed after disinfection.When using alcohol disinfectant, there should be no flammable substances around. The ignition point of alcohol is very low, and it is easy to spontaneously ignite in case of fire. Therefore, it is necessary to keep away from heat source and avoid open fire when using alcohol.In addition, try to wipe the alcohol, do not spray.



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