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CAB 35 Cocamidopropyl betaine supplier

  • Appearance:Colorless to yellowish clear liquid
  • Odor:No peculiar smell
  • MF: C19H38N2O3
  • MW: 342.51662
  • CAS No.: 61789-40-0


  • Assay (%): 28-30;
  • Monochloroacetic acid(mg/kg): <20

  • Product Detail

Naturally-derived, betaine amphoteric used to enhance mildness and foam. CAB-35 surfactant functions as a detergent, wetting agent, foam enhancer in mild cleansing products.


  • Acts as an anti-irritant in formulated products
  • Alkyl and alkyl ether sulfate-free
  • Amide-free formulating option
  • Coconut oil-derived
  • Compatible with a wide range of surfactants
  • Effective irritation mitigating agent used in baby shampoos and ultra-mild personal care products
  • Excellent choice for sulfate-free formulating
  • Excellent detergency and viscosity
  • Foam booster and thickener
  • Gentle cleansing
  • Mild surfactant, providing excellent foaming and viscosity-building properties for body washes, shampoos, bubble baths, liquid soaps and mild cleansers
  • No preservative added
  • Reduces irritation when formulated with anionic surfactants

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