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Chemical disinfectant/

Disinfectant raw material alcohol manufacturer

  • Classification: Alcohol manufacturer
  • CAS No.: 64-17-5
  • Other Names: Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol
  • MF: C2H6O
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade, Reagent Grade
  • Purity: 75%, 95%, 96%, 99.9%
  • Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
  • Application: Industrial, Food, Pharmaceutical
  • Certificate: ISO, BSCI, SGS, CE, FDA, etc.

  • Product Detail

Disinfectant raw material alcohol manufacturer


Zhejiang Tengyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading disinfectant raw materials alcohol manufacturer, the predecessor of Hangzhou Gaojing Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1999. It is committed to various disinfectant products manufacture, reach & development, production, sales, and service. After 20 years of development, the company has made great progress, ranking the top in the reagent industry of Zhejiang Province as both the disinfectant manufacturer and sanitizer manufacturer. Among them, the company has the title of “anhydrous ethanol” and “acetone” reliable product in Zhejiang Province; it has become one of the first batches of model enterprises in the assessment of safety standardization in Hangzhou; it has passed the 9001 quality system and 14000 environmental system certification in 2006. Through its own unremitting efforts, the company has greatly improved its corporate image and “high crystal” brand effect in recent years as an alcohol manufacturer.

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Ethyl Alcohol Properties by alcohol manufacturer


Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid with the structural formula CH3CH2OH, often abbreviated as C2H5OH or C2H6O. It is also used as a psychoactive drug and one of the oldest recreational drugs still used by humans. 


The Ethyl alcohol/ethanol manufacturer supply alcohol products as follow:

Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade, Reagent Grade

Purity: 75%,95%,96%,99% Ethanol / Ethyl Alcohol

CAS# 64-17-5

Alcohol chemical formula: C2H6O

Molecular weight: 46.07

Melting point: -114.3℃

Flashing point: 13℃

Density: 0.789g/cm³

ethanol manufacturer

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As the alcohol manufacturer, we know ethanol is an important basic chemical raw material. It is used to make acetaldehyde, ethylene diene, ethylamine, ethyl acetate, acetic acid, ethyl chloride, etc., and it is derived from medicine, dyes, coatings, perfumes, synthetic rubber, detergents, Many intermediates for products such as pesticides.


It is the most common monohydric alcohol, there are many alcohol manufacturers worldwide. A volatile colorless transparent liquid with low toxicity; liquid cannot be drunk directly. Have a special aroma and a slightly stimulating spicy taste. Flammable, its vapor can form an explosive mixture with air; miscibility with water; Soluble in ethyl ether, chloroform, glycerol, methanol, and other organic solvents.

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Top Grade Quality Ethyl Alcohol – Ethanol 99.9% from best alcohol manufacturer
Ethanol is an important organic solvent, which is widely used in medicine, coatings, sanitary products, cosmetics, oils, and other aspects.


Content 99.9% Min.
Potassium Permanganate-Reducing(As O) 0.0025%Max
Easy Carbon Material Qualified
Density 0.789-0.791 g/cm3
Moisture 0.2%Max
Water Solubility Experiment Qualified
Acidity(As H+) 0.02 Mmol/100g Max
Basicity(As OH-) 0.005Mmol/100g Max
Evaporation Residue 0.005% Max
Methyl Alcohol Content 0.02%Max
2(CH3)CHOH 0.003% Max
Hydroxy Compound (As Co) 0.003%Max

Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol Specification from alcohol manufacturer


ITEM 95% 99.5%
Top Grade First Grade Basic Grade First Grade Basic Grade
CH3CH2OH,%  ≥ 96 95 99.9 99.5
Water,ω/ %  ≤ 0.1 0.5
Acidity,mg/L  ≤ 10 20 30 10 20
Aldehyde,mg/L  ≤ 10 15 20 10 15
CH3OH,mg/L  ≤ 100 150 200 50
(CH3)2CHOH,mg/L ≤ 50 100 150 200
n-propanol,mg/L  ≤ 100 150 200 50
Menthyl acetate,mg/L ≤ 100 200 200
C4+C5,mg/L  ≤ 20 50 20 50

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Alcohol manufacturer explains the applications


Ethyl Alcohol is the alcohol found in alcoholic drinks such as beer, brandy, or whiskey. It is made from the fermentation or chemical breakdown of sugars by yeasts.

Alcohol is commonly used in the medical field as an antiseptic and as a disinfectant. Medical wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizers have alcohol to help prevent the spreading of bacteria in hospitals and related facilities. Alcohol is also used to sterilize the skin before injections. Hospitals and medical clinics use alcohol to sterilize various medical equipment before and after use.

Ethyl Alcohol can be safely used as a solvent for different products such as culinary extracts, essential oils, tinctures, and concentrates. Using Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol will minimize the impurities that can contaminate your extracts and tinctures.

Frequently asked questions about alcohol manufacturer


Q: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are 22 years chemical factory in China. As an alcohol manufacturer, we can provide factory wholesale price.


Q: How can I get the samples?

A: We can provide you free sample for our existing products, the lead time is about 1-2 days. You just need to pay the sample delivery cost.


Q: Can you provide relevant documents?

A: Of course. We can provide a Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA, Health certificate, and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, just let us know.

Q: Do you accept third party inspection?

A: Yes. we do. We accept any party does an inspection at any time of the whole order process.


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally, it is with 7 days if the goods are in stock. According to the quantity your required, the delivery time may slightly change. The production time is very short compare to the whole order process.

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Q: Can your company accept the special requirements of your customers?

A: Of course, we can.

  1. If I order a large quantity, will I get a lower price?

     Yes, price always depends on quantity. If you can order more, surely we will provide a more proper price.

  1. Can a pre-shipment sample be arranged?

     Yes, we are willing to do everything to make customers trust our quality.

  1. Our requirements differ a litter from your specifications. Could you produce a customized product for us?

     Of course, we are more than willing to provide you with the exact product you need. Please contact us and let us know your detailed specifications, and our professionals will try to provide your customized product.

Q: How can we guarantee the quality?
A: Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment;

Q: What can you buy from us?
A: Hand Sanitizer,75% Alcohol, Hand Gel, Ethyl Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate provide directly by alcohol manufacturer.

Q: Why should you buy from us, not from other suppliers?
A: Founded in 1999, Tengyu is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of the alcohol industry for more than 20 years. It is now the standing director unit of China’s alcohol manufacturer industry and the leading standard-setter unit of the industry.

Q: What services can we provide?
A: Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB ,EXW, FCA,DDP,DAF;
Accepted Payment Currency: USD, CAD;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,D/P D/A,MoneyGram,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union;
Language Spoken: English, Chinese


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Best alcohol manufacturer & Professional alcohol products supplier

22 years old factory, best alcohol manufacturer and alcohol products supplier, manufacture medical alcohol, edible alcohol, food-grade alcohol, industrial alcohol, anhydrous alcohol, alcohol disinfectants, alcohol hand sanitizer gel, ethyl alcohol, etc. Wholesale alcohol suppliers for the world market, top-grade alcohol raw materials, and alcohol disinfectant products with competitive prices.

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