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In order to effectively fulfill corporate social responsibilities of a disinfectant manufacturer, help fight the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. Zhejiang Tengyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality enterprise with responsibility and responsibility. Facing the epidemic, actively transforming, and actively shouldering the mission and responsibility of the enterprise, donated 5 tons of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant and 2000 bottles of alcohol to Lose Town for the prevention, control and elimination of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. This donation demonstrates the company’s spirit of taking responsibility in the face of catastrophe! The person in charge of the factory said: “Donations are limited, but love is priceless. As an enterprise in our county, we must unite and fight the epidemic together when responding to the epidemic.” When one party is in trouble, all parties support, and all caring companies have expressed their attitudes with practical actions. The epidemic will eventually pass, and spring will surely come. With firm confidence and solidarity, we will surely win this battle against the epidemic! 



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