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Certificates for chemical factory and disinfectant manufacturer

Certificates for chemical factory and disinfectant manufacturer

As a 22 years old chemical factory, we have complete qualifications and certificates for chemical manufacturer.

As a disinfection product manufacturer, we have obtained CE, FDA, MADS, SGS, etc.

Complete factory facilities, first-class equipment, passed various inspection reports BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14000 etc.

Many of our customers are large enterprises, supermarkets, chain stores, such as they have also conducted relevant inspections on our factories and passed their own factory inspection procedures.

Our factory will also make relevant certifications for corresponding orders according to customer needs.

Chemical factory operating License
National industrial chemicals production license
Dangerous goods production and sell license
chemical manufacture license
Certificate of non-drug chemicals manufacture and sale
certificate for safety production standards
FDA certificates of alcohol sanitizer manufacturer
sanitzier suppliers CE certificate
FDA Certificates for disinfectant supplier
BSCI certificates for sanitizer factory

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