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    John Yao

    His personal motto, “quick, effective and efficient” could be the company’s as well. All things operations go through this true Renaissance man who can tackle any problem. How does he recharge? Unwinding somewhere by the water.

    Jack Zheng

    Every morning, he wakes up happy to get to work and express his passion for product design. A huge soccer fan, he also enjoys electronic music—preferably his own music, which he makes for fun.

    Kate Pi

    Communicator-in-chief, even in everyday life. Her enthusiasm is contagious, brightening the whole office. If she’s not there, it’s because she’s at a museum somewhere in the world, camera in hand.

    Jenny Wang

    She is known for her passion for design and talent for products. Wellness above all—that’s the philosophy of this lover of spicy organic cuisine. An insatiable reader, she especially loves sensitive, touching novels full of emotions.

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