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Tengyu New Materials: To meet the "epidemic" and run out of the "acceleration" of transformation and upgrading

Since the epidemic,required more alcohol sanitizer manufacturers, more and more private enterprises have joined the team fighting the epidemic, and are doing their best to win the war. Luoshe Town Zhejiang Tengyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. immediately adjusted its production line and transformed the production of disinfection products for epidemic prevention and control, become one of the biggest alcohol sanitizer manufacturers.

alcohol sanitizer manufacturer

Tengyu New Materials just moved from Hangzhou to Luoshe Town last year. The original plan was to root in the domestic market to develop and produce chemical reagents such as “absolute ethanol” and “acetone”. As the company’s chairman Tao Zhiyong said: “Crisis is always accompanied by opportunities. As a company, we must learn to take the initiative and look for business opportunities in a crisis”. In fact, transformation is not only focusing on business opportunities, but also focusing more on the social responsibilities and responsibilities of enterprises, so we produced the alcohol base sanitizers and alcohol disinfectants, we produce the alcohol raw materials the alcohol disinfectant products is easy for our factory but import for our society because of the outbreak.

After the outbreak, Tengyu New Materials urgently summoned its employees to resume work and put them in the battle for the production of disinfection products. At present, 95% of the employees are on duty, the full-automatic production line in the workshop is running at full capacity, and bottles of sterilizing alcohol are orderly packaged and shipped out. Each day, about 20 tons of 84 disinfectant and 75% alcohol are produced.

The government officials know the licenses is important for the disinfectant manufacturer,the town service commissioner is actively helping companies prepare relevant application materials and will follow up the whole process to help apply for self-operated export licenses for disinfectant products. At the same time, they also contacted relevant county departments for the first time to help companies release recruitment information and try their best to help companies’ normal production.

disinfectant production

Not only that, during the manufacture and sale of disinfection products, Tao Zhiyong also met some entrepreneurs from Chinese and African private businessmen. Through communication, they learned that there is a lack of disinfection products produced by the company in Africa. Tengyu New Materials is expected to quickly open the African market and bring foreign trade orders to a new level.

Zhejiang Tengyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality enterprise with responsibility and responsibility. Facing the epidemic, actively transforming, and actively shouldering the mission and responsibility of the enterprise, donated 5 tons of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant and 2000 bottles of alcohol to Lose Town for the prevention, control and elimination of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

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